Property & Asset Management with Progen

With many years of experience in the property industry and a significant client base within the retail space, Progenesis understand the complexity that property leases include.

Built on a multi-level Property hierarchy, Progen involves all types of Property and property-related structures, including land. The software also accommodates a full asset register for non-property leases such as equipment. Manage and track the property lifecycle through configurable workflows and generate work and purchase orders directly through the system.


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  • Multi-level hierarchy including land, buildings, offices, shops and annexes
  • Division, Owner and Group Reporting
  • Portfolio Reporting


  • Assets stored at any property level
  • Depreciation and Asset Reporting


  • Service Regions and Classifications defined
  • Maintenance and Service requests can be made and converted into Work Orders/Purchase Orders and passed to AP
  • Maintenance jobs can be tied to projects


  • Any Electronic or Scanned Documents including Site Photographs / Plans / Maps / Letters
  • Mail Merge Documents
  • Exporting Reports to Microsoft Word


  • Contact Names & Addresses recorded and integrated with Outlook
  • Alternative points of Contact
  • CRM for tracking e-mails, phone calls, meetings and SMSs

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