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Why Move To The Cloud? 8 Benefits of ProgenCloud

As COVID-19 continues to impact our world and how we conduct business, remote working and the request for agile technology has increased rapidly.

While there are different benefits with on-premise (applications hosted within in-house servers) and cloud computing (applications hosted on the internet), there has been a clear benefit for those being on the cloud during this pandemic. In conclusion, cloud-hosted applications are flexible in the way that you are not restricted to be in the office to be at work.

Progenesis can offer you this flexibility with ProgenCloud. This cloud-hosted software is the SaaS solution of our core product and the latest version of Progen.

So, what other benefits are there to cloud computing? Updating software and maintaining IT infrastructure has always been a costly and time-consuming exercise for businesses. Letting someone else worry about these things is just one of many advantages of moving to the cloud. Check out some other benefits below. 

1. Work from anywhere 

We are in a time where flexible working hours and reduced office space is becoming the new norm, encouraging many companies to consider adopting this more agile way of working. Also, global challenges like COVID-19 may forever have changed the way we do business. 

2. Automatic updates 

The beauty of ProgenCloud is that the software is off-premise, and meaning your IT department does not have to worry about making sure the software is up to date with the latest optimisation and security - as we do this for you. 

3. Ensured service 

Progenesis always strives to give our clients the best customer service experience. When you're on the cloud, our Helpdesk can get easy (permission-based) access to your application which enables us to provide your team with the most effective support. 

4. Cost-effective 

As cloud computing does not require hardware infrastructure or the amount of electricity involved to run it, this could have a hugely beneficial impact on your organisation's cash flow. Also, moving to the cloud, there is no need to purchase a new application, and it will reduce your internal IT involvement. 

5. Disaster Recovery & Backup 

If the power was cut or a human-induced disaster resulted in data or software loss, you would hope they were backed up. Decent disaster recovery should be a priority for businesses of all sizes, but for a smaller organisation, this could be rather costly. ProgenCloud includes Disaster Recovery, which you would have to invest in separately if being on-premises. 

6. Security 

It's fair to say that 'security' is the number one concern for organisations when it comes to cloud computing. But as a matter of fact, the cloud environment sits within data-centres equipped with the most reliable high-end, enterprise security. ProgenCloud delivers encrypted sessions, including real-time Anti-virus and data gateway security policies. 

7. Competitiveness 

ProgenCloud gives you access to the latest and greatest, enterprise-class technology. Top-tier Australian data centres that provide a high-level of maintenance without taking you offline. With the best technology on the market and a 99.9% up-time, your business can remain productive and stay competitive. 

8. Environmental friendly 

Last but not least, in addition to the financial benefits for your company, cloud computing is more friendly to the environment. Less production of hardware, transportation of equipment and a significantly reduced electricity consumption are all factors that will leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Did these benefits convince you to move to the cloud? Contact us today, and we will answer all your questions.  

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