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Progen V7 Released

Progen V7, the new version of the core framework behind your ProgenNET, Progen2+ and PEPS+ systems, is now being rolled out to Progenesis customers all around the country.

Using up to date technologies and the latest methodologies on user interface (UI) design, the new version contains the following exciting features:

The Main Window of the UI has been redesigned to match the latest Microsoft Office products and now includes components such as:

  • Ribbon Menu Toolbar to help the User find applications quickly
  • Back Stage area for administration and less used functions.
  • Quick Access Toolbar for applications that are most important to you.
  • Navigation Panes for different views of your property management data – a Calendar view, a Maps view using GeoData attached to the Property and a Floor Plan view
  • The user can now have screens open on several monitors simultaneously.
  • There is now a PDF report view mode.
  • And plenty of other general usability improvements.

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