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Let Progen make your budgeting easier

Whether managing properties and leases from a lessor or a lessee perspective, budgeting and forecasting are essential for all organisations to ensure key performance targets are met. But we know that budget preparations can not only be complicated but also very time-consuming.

Progen offers an easy-to-use solution that automates and streamlines your budgets, making this process a lot more efficient.

  • Assumptions based on any variation (CPI, % etc.)
  • Variations can be applied to each expense or income line.
  • Easy access to forecasts, previous year's budget, and actuals
  • Easy upload of previous budgets into Progen
  • Multiple budgets and drafts can be exported to Excel.

Flexible and Automated

Progen automates the creation of income and expense budgets, saving you considerable time and effort. Using previous charge history combined with rules and assumptions, Progen can rapidly and accurately generate projections for income, expenses, and capital expenditure. The software also includes specific functionality for outgoings budgeting and end of year reconciliations.

Track & Report

Ongoing tracking and reporting of budget, forecasts and actuals, and periodically revised budgeting, are also managed within the system. Any outputs can be directly exported to an Excel spreadsheet for further manipulation if you wish.

Do you want to know more about our budgeting tool? Don´t hesitate to contact us today!

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