About Progenesis

Progenesis is a software solutions company specialising in the development supply and support of innovative, world-class Lease and Property Management software. 

Our aim is to deliver productivity benefits to our customers, by providing innovative, proven and reliable software, backed by high quality support.

Progenesis was founded in 1995 in Australia and has expanded rapidly since then. The initial charter was to meet the needs of property managers with a full Windows system. Since then Progenesis has taken advantage of the modern computing environment to benefit property managers.

Today Progenesis is the top commercial Lease and Property Management software supplier in Australia. It is also the largest Australian-owned supplier of commercial property management software.

Progenesis software is developed locally by a team of skilled programmers and analysts, based in our offices across Australia. With Progenesis, all development will be done locally, all modifications will be done locally, and of course all support is also locally based.

Excellence in product, coupled with innovative design to enhance productivity, is Progenesis' development philosophy. Excellence in product support is the heart of our customer service philosophy.

Progenesis Victoria head office

Progenesis Victoria head office

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